This is a slow ballard kind of song. I wrote it for 'The Empire', if anyone is interested.

Not Bowing Down

This isn't my home

Where is home?

This isn't where

I'm supposed to go

But this dark place

Full of delusions

I gotta make it right

I'm not bowing down

Won't turn around

Gotta seperate the truth from the lies

I'm not bowing down

I'm not bowing down

No more...

I'm caged like some

Zoo animal

I need to leave

This isn't fair anymore

But in this dark place

So much confusion

I have to make it right...

I'm not bowing down...

Now breaking out

Going to fight

This twisted leader

Of the empire

Now in this dark place

So full of action

I'm about to make it home...

I'm not bowing down...

I'm not bowing down

I'm not bowing down

I'm not bowing down

(fade out)

Did you like it?

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