Takanuva and takua 3 Takanuva and Takua in Bionicle: The Empire
Mask Avohkii
Tool Staff of Light (formerly), Power Lance, Midak Skyblaster
Made by Phantax

Takua was an Av-Matoran who was taken from his homeland and placed in Ta-Metru, where he ran a shop called Takua's Trade Goods. He later lived in Ta-Koro and led a life of a wanderer and adventurer, later becoming the Chronicler. The discovery of the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, revealed him to be the Herald, meant to discover the Toa of Light. Actions of Makuta Teridax resulted in the death of his best friend Jaller, causing Takua to realize that he was destined to be the seventh Toa. He donned the Avohkii and transformed into a Toa, renaming himself Takanuva.


Takua and Pewku

Biological Chronicle S1Edit

He appeared lying on the Ta-Wahi beach and was unsure of who he was. He followed tracks to the Charred Jungle and met Kapura. He then headed to Ta-Koro and talked with Jala before opening up the bridge and got his Lavaboard when he talked with Vakama and he left Ta-Koro.


Takua in Ta-Metru


Takanuva mutated

Appearances in Next Generation FilmsEdit