Matoran/Toa Inika/Toa Mahri
Cart j10
Mask Matoran: Komau (Metru Nui) Hau (Mata Nui)

Toa Inika: Calix

Toa Mahri: Arthron

Powers Fire, Limited Control over Lightnign as a Toa Inika
Tool Toa Inika: Two Energized Flame Swords, Zamor Launcher

Toa Mahri: Power Sword, Cordak Blaster

Made by Phantax

Jaller (formerly Jala) was a courageous Ta-Matoran native to Metru Nui. After the Great Cataclysm, he was evacuated to Mata Nui with the other Matoran of the city. During the Dark Time, he became the Captain of the Guard of Ta-Koro and right hand Matoran of Turaga Vakama. He was transformed into the Toa Inika of Fire shortly after the Toa Nuva were defeated by the Piraka on Voya Nui, and is currently the Toa Mahri of Fire, serving as leader of the team.

Stealers of LifeEdit

The noble Komau which Jaller's wore on Metru Nui was broken in the large-scale evacuation of Metru Nui. In its place, Turaga Vakama rapidly gave Jaller a noble Hau which had belonged to Turaga Lhikan.

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