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  • TheGuildMasterofFire

    Just got back from school today and decided to finish scene 2 of the kingdom. Coming along greatly, if i might add. I gave Axonn in Jaller and 'old friend' kind off feel. Next scene is started now, and is coming along great. I think this whole project is coming out great. I mean, concept art, storyboards, scripts, voice acting, modeling, animation, and even a blog running! Hopefully we finish soon, because I can't wait to see the final product!

    P.S. I edited my Bionicle Website to have news about the Next Gen. Here it is:

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    Neelh: Not Bowing Down

    January 24, 2010 by

    This is a slow ballard kind of song. I wrote it for 'The Empire', if anyone is interested.

    This isn't my home

    Where is home?

    This isn't where

    I'm supposed to go

    But this dark place

    Full of delusions

    I gotta make it right

    I'm not bowing down

    Won't turn around

    Gotta seperate the truth from the lies

    I'm not bowing down

    I'm not bowing down

    No more...

    I'm caged like some

    Zoo animal

    I need to leave

    This isn't fair anymore

    But in this dark place

    So much confusion

    I have to make it right...

    I'm not bowing down...

    Now breaking out

    Going to fight

    This twisted leader

    Of the empire

    Now in this dark place

    So full of action

    I'm about to make it home...

    I'm not bowing down...

    I'm not bowing down

    I'm not bowing down

    I'm not bowing down

    (fade out)

    Did you like it?

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