Bionicle: The Empire will be the first movie to be produced by Red Star Studios. The script is currently finished. The movie will be created by the five animators who already know how to use Blender. This is the only movie to date on which all of the animators contribute. It is currently being storyboarded.

The Script.Edit

The script is currently being rewritten and edited by Lewa Krom.


Casting for the following characters has begun. The following characters are now chosen:

  • Takanuva/Takua: SkullKid.
  • Ahkmou: None.
  • Bomonga: LordHydraxon.
  • Darkness: None.
  • Dume: Krakuaofsonics.
  • Gali: Isabella Dona. Tiara Kaire.
  • Guardian: None.
  • Jaller: SkullKid.
  • Kapura: Repicheep - Toa of Irony.
  • Kodan: None.
  • Kojol: Ciano.
  • Kopaka: Krakuaofsonics.
  • Krakua: LordHydraxon.
  • Krika: Krakuaofsonics.
  • Kualus: None.
  • Lesovikk: LordHydraxon.
  • Lewa: hraul12193.
  • Nuju: None.
  • Onua: Repicheep.
  • Pohatu: LordHydraxon.
  • Primal: None.
  • Tahu: ElevenGuy.
  • Teridax: Krakuaofsonics.
  • Tuyet: ShadowVelocity.
  • Karzahni: ultra hamster.
  • Rahkshi Sounds: jake-toa-of-awsome/Hunter of the Hunters.

Casting has not ended.

Concept Art/Posters/Promotional ArtEdit

Card 2

  • Takanuva and Takua
  • Teridax's lair
  • Lewa in The Dark mirror
  • Toa Empire Movie poster
  • Muaka|

Teaser Trailer.Edit

Bionicle The Empire - Teaser Trailer

Bionicle The Empire - Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer for Bionicle: The Empire