Bionicle: Awakenings is a film that shall be produced by Team Mata. It will chronicle the exploits of the Toa Mata as they fight against the Bohrok swarms. It is being written by TAK the Voyager.


Scene 1Edit

Scene starts with Mata Nui rumbling.

Vakama (narrator): The Toa have won a great victory in their first confrontation with Makuta. At last, they believe Mata Nui and it's people to be safe... but they are wrong.(camera zooms in on the Kini-Nui)For when legends were young,(camera goes through the Suva Kaita through a tunnel)one word was never spoken, for fear that the legend was true.(The tunnel leads into the Bohrok Nest and shows title)That word was(camera zooms in on the Bohrok symbol)BOHROK.

Scene shows the Toa Mata standing outside the Kini-Nui, with the background rumbling.

Lewa: What is happening? I thought we had finished our quest!

Kopaka: Victory may have been an illusion, Lewa.

Kapura is seen by Gali lying on the ground with his Pakari damaged.

Gali: Look!(pointing at Kapura)It's one of Tahu's villagers!

Tahu: Speak. What brings you so far from Ta-Koro?

Kapura:(whispering)Bohrok. Bohrok. Bohrok. Bohrok.

Onua: What's he saying, Tahu?

Tahu: One word, over and over.(looks serious)Bohrok.(turns round)I must return to Ta-Koro immediatly.

Gali:(standing in fronto of Tahu with Onua)We shall all go, Tahu.

Onua:(holding up his hand)If there is a threat to your village, it is a threat to all our people.

Toa's masks transform into Kakama and they run across the land.

Pohatu: I just have one question...

Onua: What's that, Pohatu?

Pohatu: What's a Bohrok?

Tahu: STOP!

Tahnok, Pahrak and Kohrak are destroying Ta-Koro.

Lewa: I fear we have just found out.

Gaardus, Jala and Vakama flee from Kohrak.

Tahu:(attacking Kohrak)Stay here. We shall deal with this.

Lewa:(jumps into the air)They don't look like any Rahi I've seen. Let's see how they stand up to a cyclone.(Kohrak fire Ice blast at Lewa, freezing him)What? Ice! Making me to heavy to stay in the air... I'm --(Lewa falls)-- falling!(Lewa hits ground)UNNGH!


  • Vakama
  • The Toa Mata/Nuva
  • Tahu
  • Lewa
  • Gali
  • Kopaka
  • Onua
  • Pohatu
  • Kapura
  • Several Tahnok
  • Several Kohrak
  • Several Pahrak
  • Jala
  • Gaardus