Avenge for the Fallen will be the saga of the Toa Nuva's fight with the Bohrok-Kal after the Bohrok Invasion. It will be produced by Team Mata.


Scene 1Edit

Scene shows laser blasting the symbol of the Bohrok into the Wall of History.

Vakama (narrator): Gathered friends, listen again to the legend of the Bionicle.

Camera zooms in, showing the Toa Mata in the Bohrok Nest.

In the time before time, six mighty Toa came to the Bohrok Nest to stop the attack of the Bohrok swarms.

Scene shows Toa Mata getting into Exo-Toa.

They used Exo-Toa, believing they would give them the power defeat the

Scene shows the Bahrag.

Bahrag, the Bohrok queens.

Scene shows the Toa Mata sealing the Bahrag.

After sealing the Bahrag in Protodermis,

Scene shows the Toa Mata falling into Energized Protodermis.

they fell into pools of Energized Protodermis,

Scene shows them re-emerging as Toa Nuva.

where they were transformed into the more powerful Toa Nuva.

Scene shows Tahnok-Kal emerging from pod.

But they did not realize that sealing the Bahrag unleashed six greater threats: the Bohrok-Kal!

Scene shows the title then is seen in Le-Wahi, where Tahu, Gali, and Pohatu are waiting.